We united football fans on a journey fuelled by passion

President's Cup Final – National Projects Office


Making President’s Cup the most anticipated day in the nation’s sporting calendar

We were asked to deliver the three main spectaculars for the 2023 President’s Cup football final – the opening ceremony, the half-time show and trophy ceremony.

The scope later grew to include end-to-end event management, from guest experience to content creation for TV broadcast and merchandising.


The creative focused on three concepts – unity, values and youth

We created the theme of ‘journeys united by passion’.

The ceremony included the stories of how 32 teams became two for the final, how youthful dreams became reality for the players, and how legendary players from previous cups inspired others.


Youthful Dreams

The opening ceremony featured 29 children who represented the sporting dreams of youth and how they have been inspired by the greats.

Uniting the Nation

The entertainment focused on both football teams and the fans, with an emphasis on how the tournament brought them all together through their shared love of the sport.

Lighting up the Brand

Professional dancers performed choreographed moves with light tubes before a full light show revealed the new President’s Cup logo.

Traditional Values

Beyond the pitch, the UAE’s values and traditions were highlighted with traditional Ayala performances and food trucks serving traditional Emirati food.



Over 30,000 thousands fans watched in the stadium, with thousands more watching the tv broadcast.