we celebrated Zayed International Airport with a truly unique launch

Zayed International Airport Launch – Abu Dhabi Airports Company


Create impactful content for the opening of Abu Dhabi’s Zayed International Airport.

Abu Dhabi International Airport’s rebrand as Zayed International Airport marks a new era in UAE aviation.

We aimed to celebrate the airport’s rich history of hospitality and technological leadership with innovative content and impactful storytelling.


We marked a new era in aviation by blending creativity and technology

Using 1,750 swarm drones, a realistic three-dimensional A380 aircraft was formed to ‘land’ at the airport. This was documented by six piloted camera drones. Our content was enhanced with a bespoke soundscape featuring an orchestra and spectacular UAE desert imagery.


A launch like no other

Making aviation history

Our constructive collaboration with Zayed International Airport was instrumental in creating unique content that documented an impressive feat of aviation. 

A new concept in filmmaking

We opened this groundbreaking piece of cinematography with breathtaking desert imagery. A falcon handler represented local culture and the bird, synonymous with the UAE, metamorphosed into aircraft, thanks to 1,750 swarm drones. Six skilled camera drone pilots captured the swarm drones at the airport’s North Runway. 

Ready to welcome the world

The spectacular footage combined with the bespoke soundscape that merged the talents of a full orchestra with the reassuring words of air traffic control as the A380 ‘landed’. It is a visual and aural reminder of this milestone in Abu Dhabi’s aviation journey.